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Addiction Du Jour

All new art work and fiction shall be up loaded here, as well as older fiction and art.

Warning: Here lies yaoi! I won't friends lock anything in this journal, please be aware that there may be none worksafe posts and things unsuitable for underage visitors. I trust in your discression.

1/2, 10th kingdom, 15 min fics, 2/4, 3/4, 4/2, amvs, angst, anime, art, aziraphale/crowley, burn/keith, butch/james, catbois, catboys, challenges, cid/leon, crossovers, crowley/aziraphale, damien/dante, darkfics, dean/seamus, deathfics, demon diary, devil may cry, dief, diefenbaker, drabbles, dragon knights, due south, duo/quatre, duzell/rishas, eclipse/raenef, fake, ff8, ffviii, fiction, final fantasy 8, final fantasy viii, foxbois, foxboys, foxgirls, fraser/fraser, fraser/kowalski, fred/george, furries, george/fred, goggles, good omens, gravitation, gundam wing, half wolfs, half wolves, harry potter, harry/hermione, heero/duo, hetfics, irvine/squall, irvine/ward, irvine/zell, james/brock, james/chopper, jj/dee, kingdom hearts, kiros/laguna, kiros/squall, kowalski/fraser, laguna/irvine, laguna/kiros, laguna/laguna, laguna/squall, manga, muraki/saki, muraki/tsuzuki, music videos, nero angelo/dante, nida/nida, nida/squall, nida/zell, nightmare/dante, original art, original fiction, owen wilson/ben stiller, pet shop of horrors, pokemon, pollution, psychic force, pwps, quatre/duo, quistis/fujin, raenef/eclipse, rath/kai-stern, ray k/fraser, ray v/fraser, ray/fraser, remus/sirius, riku/sora, rps, seifer/leon, seifer/squall, seifer/zell, sirius/kingsley, sirius/remus, slash, snape, songfics, sorcerers, squall/irvine, squall/laguna, squall/nida, squall/seifer, tatsuha/ryuichi, tatsuha/shuichi, the 10th kingdom, trigun, trowa/quatre, vampire game, vecchio/fraser, virgil/dante, wolf, wolf/virginia, wolfwood/lupin, wolfwood/remus, wolverine, x-men, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuki/shuichi, yuri, zell/irvine, zell/nida, zell/seifer